Between 1997 and 2000, I also tried my paw at a spot of programming in AmigaBASIC. Now anyone who knows the first thing about programming on the Amiga will know AmigaBASIC is terrible. It's heavily buggy, doesn't run properly on newer versions of the Amiga OS, and doesn't allow the creation of standalone executables. A shame I didn't know that at the time. =:o

Anyway, despite its shortcomings, I did still manage to produce some...er.. interesting results with it. Seeing as it's of little use to me now, I've decided to upload the original AmigaBASIC files, as well as the source code listings for both my finished and unfinished programs. If you have a copy of AB (which came on the Extras disk in really old versions of Workbench), you can then run these using it.

I am hoping one day to have some standalone executable versions for the Amiga, just as if I can find time to change the lines of code the compiler doesn't like. =:)

In the meantime, you can still muddle along with the things on here. The conditions under which I have had all these working are as follows:-

  • Amiga 500, with 1mb RAM
  • Workbench 1.3
  • AmigaExtras 1.3 (needed for the AmigaBASIC tool)
  • Text set to 60 chars, not 80 in Workbench prefs; this is vital, otherwise the graphics mess up.
  • Most of the datafiles go in a directory with the name ' ' (yes, a blank space). This should be in a volume called 'Basicgames'. Alternatively the command...
     ASSIGN "Basicgames:" "drive:foldername"
    should work

Sorry it seems so prescriptive, but that's largely the fault of AmigaBASIC. If you really know what you're doing with the Amiga, it may be possible to get it functioning under other configurations. If you do (as if anyone would bother), let me know how, and I'll put up the instructions here for everyone.

One final note. Some of the programs still come up with 'Security Log' at the beginning, which is an old leftover bit from how they all used to start on my Amiga. Basically whatever you type in is saved to a file somewhere in the data directory ("logfile" IIRC). You can then later read the file and see which program you used and when. It was one of those silly little 'because I can' ideas, which is really of no use to anyone. =:P





Please note, that all these are unfinished programs, so don't be surprised if it randomly throws up errors and stops running. I also accept no liability if they blow up your computer, although the odds are slim. =;) I have no intention of ever finishing these, but I thought I'd stick them up anyway


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