* The Tesandco Network *

As of August 18th 2002, all the Tesandco sites are linked together by the Tesandco Network. Basically, its a special webring linking all the pages, and the addition of the ability to use 'tesandco.co.uk/name' to access each site. Each link below has the sites main address first, and its network address listed in brackets at the end. The final part is Entei's Community - A discussion board, common to all the sites (besides TV Whirl). The sites on the network at the moment are...

Terence & Co. Online
The site you're currently Looking at! This is the Terence & Co. Homepage, and the heart of the Tesandco network, featuring basically all the Tesandco stuff which doesnt have a website of its own. (www.tesandco.co.uk)

TV Whirl
My main child since 2001 has been TV Whirl. A site dedicated to TV Presentation in the UK. Features videos of idents, TV Ads, Soaps, Pokemon and loads more. (www.tesandco.co.uk/tvwhirl)

Thank U Stars
Launched in August 2002, Thank U Stars is my Watership Down fansite. It features episode guides, reviews, galleries and fanfic from the TV series and Film! (www.tesandco.co.uk/thankustars)

Space Trek (Version 2)
Version 1 of the Space Trek site came out in 2001, and very little was done with it. In August 2002, the site was relaunched, with completely new pages, pictures, downloads and (most importantly) every single one of the Space Trek stories. (www.tesandco.co.uk/spacetrek)

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