Yes, welcome to our trip back to the year 2000 sitedesign-wise, and glad to see you're all working hard, and not wasting your time here.

A new update to this site is coming sometime in the next 5 years or so (optimistic), but in the meantime you can continue to enjoy our selection of random comics and strange sounds from days gone by.

~ Terence


Archives Online: Maps of Listonian Islands, Character Profiles, Kitten Starsigns and more...

Downloads: A few posters and the Tesandco desktop theme can be found here.

Comics: All my original comic strips from 1995-2000 are now on here.

Animation: Featuring a collection of low colour, low resolution and low framerate animations created over 1999/2000 using that same Amiga.

Programming: A new section devoted to my Programs for the Amiga 500. (Both finished and unfinished!). Strike the Humans is now listed here.

Listonia Lives: My new and pointless 'live-action' series following the adventures of The Listonians.

Links: Links to some sites by other people on the net!

Tesandco Network: All my sites on one special links page help make up the Tesandco network.

Projects 98-2003: What do you mean you never heard of my Project '98. Surely everyone's heard of it. =:o

Guestbook: As Entei's Community has now closed, I decided to put a guestbook up on this site instead. Hey, it's as good an idea as any.

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